2 missing after S. Korean chemical tanker capsizes off western Japan…Japanese government “7 out of 9 rescuers of shipwrecks killed by subversion of Shimonoseki”

한국 선적 수송선 일본 혼슈 앞바다서 전복…"승선자 11명"

A South Korean chemical tanker capsized off Japan’s west coast Wednesday, leaving two crew members missing, Japan’s coast guard officials said.

The Keoyoung Sun vessel, carrying 11 crew members, made the distress call to the Japanese Coast Guard at around 7 a.m., reporting that it was tilting in waters near an island of the Shimonoseki city in the Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Of the 11 crew members on board — two South Koreans, eight Indonesians and one Chinese — nine have been rescued and two others were unaccounted for.

The nine rescued were transported on a chopper to a hospital.

The ship was apparently anchoring due to high waves and strong winds. The coast guard said its aircraft and patrol ships were conducting rescue operations.

Meanwhile, Japan’s NHK reported in the afternoon of the same day that “seven of the nine shipwreck rescuers who were killed in the overthrow of Shimonoseki were killed.”

(Source : Yonhap News)

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