Discussion of strategies to respond to strengthening international regulations on cosmetics

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The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (Minister Oh Yoo-kyung) and the Ministry of Health and Welfare (Minister Cho Gyu-hong) held the ‘2024 1st Cosmetics Safety Evaluation Support Council’ meeting on March 5 with cosmetics-related organizations and associations to discuss the safety evaluation capabilities of domestic cosmetics companies. Strengthening and export support measures were discussed.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has been operating the ‘Cosmetics Safety Evaluation Support Council’ since April last year to help domestic cosmetics companies effectively respond to global regulatory changes, such as strengthening international regulations on the safety of cosmetics in China and the United States.

At this meeting, the progress made so far by each institution to support cosmetics safety evaluation and the implementation plan for 2024 were shared, and cooperation between institutions necessary to strengthen safety assessment capabilities was discussed.

This year, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety plans to ▲hold an international forum to harmonize domestic and international safety evaluations, ▲strengthen technology exchange cooperation between Korean and Chinese regulatory agencies, ▲prepare a safety evaluation information book, and ▲educate related to cosmetics regulations in major exporting countries.

The Korea Cosmetic Industry Research Institute under the Ministry of Health and Welfare is promoting ▲expansion of collection and provision of toxicity information by ingredient ▲training of safety evaluation experts ▲advancement of the safety review system, and the Korean Cosmetic Association is ▲preparing an industry guide to respond to strengthening global safety management ▲China We are promoting meetings where safety assessment experts are invited.

Shin Jun-su, Director of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety’s Bio and Herbal Medicine Bureau, said, “This year is especially the year in which China’s scope of safety evaluation data submission is strengthened, and active support from related organizations is needed to improve the industry’s safety evaluation capabilities and expand overseas expansion.” He added, “Each agency “Let’s actively communicate and cooperate together to increase the synergy of each support project,” he urged.

In response to the trend of strengthening international safety regulations, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety plans to continuously communicate with related organizations, organizations, and industries and do its best to support the domestic cosmetics industry so that it can become globally competitive. 

Editor Hye-min Moon

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