Metropolitan bus seat reservation system, route expansion to resolve inconveniences in mid- to long-distance commuting in the metropolitan area

(Source: Yonhap News TV)

The expansion of metropolitan area bus seat reservation system routes is expected to resolve the difficulties faced by citizens commuting mid- to long-distance in the metropolitan area.

On the 14th, Kang Hee-eop, chairman of the metropolitan area transportation committee, directly reserved the M4102 metropolitan express bus through the seat reservation application (MiRi) during rush hour around 7:40 a.m. and boarded it at Seohyeon Station in Seongnam-si, confirmed the difficulties of citizens commuting long distances, and made seat reservations. The system was checked.

The metropolitan bus seat reservation system is a system that allows you to reserve a metropolitan bus by selecting the desired time and stop in advance using a smartphone application and pay the same fare to board without waiting.

Since the expansion of the seat reservation system for metropolitan area buses in May last year, the seat reservation system is currently being operated on 107 vehicles on 46 routes. According to the results of a satisfaction survey conducted at the end of last year, 64.7% of users are satisfied, and the majority of users ( 76.6%) were found to wish to expand the target routes.

At the inspection meeting held immediately after boarding the intercity bus today, Chairman Kang discussed the operation status of the seat reservation system and future expansion and improvement plans with Gyeonggi Province, the system operator (Wizdom, Joy of Moving), and the transportation business operator (KD Transportation Group).

We are considering expanded application to about 20 routes through detailed discussions taking into account local governments and reservation rates, and plan to announce the final applicable routes within this month after additional adjustments.

Chairman Kang emphasized that “the seat reservation system is a convenient system that helps relieve unpredictable waiting at stops that are sometimes cold or hot and helps predict commuting schedules,” and added, “As requested by users, we will expand the applicable routes and improve convenience.” “We will secure more and improve it so that more users can benefit.”

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